Manna for Today: Who is Righteous?

Genesis 17:1-19:38

I'm reading about Lot this morning.

Lot believed the angels when they came to him and warned him of the imminent destruction of his home and city. He showed his belief when he ran to tell his two daughter's fiance's, "Quick! Get out of the city! The Lord is about to destroy it." They probably thought he was crazy because they laughed at him and refused to go with him. 

I wonder, did their reaction have anything to do with Lot's next move?

When the time came to flee, 

Lot hesitated

-But God was merciful.

The angels seized Lot's hand, and the hands of his wife and daughters and rushed them to safety outside of the city. 

Lot was terrified.

The angels told him to flee to the mountains, but he was afraid and he pleaded to go to a village instead. Self- preservation taking over even in the midst of obvious total lack of control. His request is granted and the minute they reach the village, God begins to destroy the whole land with hail, fire and brimstone. Not a person, animal or plant is left. It is total destruction.

Did the angels go there to rescue Lot because he was a righteous man or because Abraham asked them too? Would the angels have rescued him if he hadn't invited them in and offered them hospitality and protection?

The Bible says that Lot was a righteous man and therefore God saved him.

I have often wondered about this. How could a righteous person live in the environment that Lot chose for himself and his family. Does a righteous man look around and choose the best for themselves, as Lot did when he split from Abraham? He took the most fertile and best land for himself. That's righteous?

Later on we read that God spared Lot and his family because of Abraham's petition. Abraham asked God if he would spare the city for the sake of the righteous people living in it, and God answered by sparing the righteous amidst the destruction.

Eventually Lot leaves Zoar, the village he sought refuge in, because of fear. Interesting, it was fear that brought him to Zoar and fear that caused him to leave. Was he a little paranoid at this point? He actually ends up going to the mountains where the angels told him to go in the first place. He sets up home in a cave with his two daughters. Apparently living as a recluse at this point, with no neighbors nearby.

What made Lot righteous?

Because the next thing that we are told is so repulsive to me that I just do not get it. Righteous? This is how a righteous man acts?

He is up in the mountains, living alone with his daughters in a cave and his daughters get a very bad idea - and they act on it. 

The back story is this: They were brought up in a bustling city, their father was a wealthy important man, with many herds and herdsman. They went from their father being a well respected important man to living alone in a cave in the middle of nowhere with their once influential father now cowering in fear, basically waiting to die. They were now living a very different lifestyle than how they had been raised. What happened?

His daughters are obviously frustrated with his cowardice and the decisions he is making, but incest? Having sex with your own father? Yes, that's the Bible story. Not one for Sunday School, I know.

Two nights in a row Lot gets drunk and they each go to him and get pregnant. It reads that he is so drunk that he doesn't even remember it. I wonder how it all played out when he found out his daughters were pregnant with his very own seed? I can't imagine.

And there we are, humanity scrawled on the pages of scripture, again.

I feel pity for him at this point, yet God in the New Testament declares him to be righteous!

2Peter 2:7 says, "God also rescued Lot out of Sodom because he was a righteous man....."

I don't really understand this.

And further, he uses Lot's experience to teach us that:

"God knows how to rescue us from our trials." (2Peter2:9)

God alone knows all that he has rescued me from. I don't deserve the mercy and love that he showers upon me everyday. I am thankful that I am finding so many people in the Bible that I can relate to, and God is over and over again merciful to them. It gives me hope. 

Who is this Creator anyway? If Lot was righteous, then there is a lot more room in God's Kingdom than I once thought.

Is this grace? 

Thank you Jesus.
If you get a chance, read Psalm 40



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