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The Mission

So much depends upon what we believe.  I want to encourage you to believe the truth today.
A recent journal excerpt:
Some days the work it takes to believe feels insurmountable. Some days I am full of thoughts of failure. Some days I don’t feel like reading my Bible. Some days are hard. Do my thoughts and feelings change the truth?
I get so easily distracted from my purpose on this earth. Distracted, disillusioned, and discouraged. I have to pray,
“Turn my eyes from worthless things  and give me life through your word.”  Psalm 119:37  Every. Single. Day.

Glorious Light

Waking up with the sun in my eyes. Good morning Monday. I am thankful for a sunny Monday morning.
Sitting in my rocking chair, sipping coffee, contemplating the day and the week ahead. This is my morning routine. The sun is shining through the window, falling directly onto the bible, open in my lap. Yes, I need light this morning, shine on me Lord.

I read that the Lord is a refuge to us. A safe place. A hiding place. A shield to protect us. It says in my Bible that he understands us, he understands our hearts, because he made them. It says he understands our weaknesses, because he was tempted, just like us. The part that isn't just like us is that he never gave in to those temptations, he never fell, he never sinned. So, does he really understand my heart? Because my heart is dirty with sin and shame. I get it dirty everyday, and have to have it washed clean multiple times a day. How can he really understand that? And then I am reminded that he experienced separation from God, jus…

Living: Breath To Breath

This week I lived grace-filled at the mercy of God. I lived through each day, one breath in and one breath out. Moments into minutes into hours into days. Each day I faced challenges, hurdles and sprints. Reflecting, I am amazed, in awe of this life I get to call mine. For the most part, I really like my life and all of the people in it.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I had made different choices. I suppose I am just like anyone else that has entered mid-life. At this point, the decisions I made in the past are defining my present life. I am rolling with the good and bad choices of my youth. Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I feel stuck on this course and there is no turning back now. The ball is heavy and it's gaining momentum as it rolls down this hill. It feels impossible to change it's course. Am I happy with the way my life has turned out? Would I change some things, if I could? Yes and yes.

I look into the future as far as my eyes can see and I can't …