It has been awhile since I have participated in Five Minute Friday. Five minutes of free writing with a one word prompt. There is a whole community of lovely writing women that gather every Friday to share their quick unedited heart felt words. It is a lovely corner of the internet. Please take a moment to stop by and visit some of these sweet sisters here: FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY.
Today's word is close.


This word makes my heart skip, leap and dance, 
forsaking safety and steady rythym. 
Thoughts of you occupy my mind.
You have seized my heart like a rushing river 
overflowing it's banks.
Captivated by your eyes,
you are close and 
I forget how to breathe. 


Stunning. Your words absolutely build and then BAM! Loved this. Just a little visit from your FMF neighbor. Have a lovely weekend!
Renee Pierce said…
Thank you Kelly. It felt good to write this. Free writing is so freeing!
Just Gorgeous!!! So happy to find you here once again, my friend!

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