All we need is love.....


This is what I'm thinking. This is what I see. This is what I have done, many times, too many times, hopefully no more times, ever.

Jesus speaks plainly. He is very direct and straight to the heart of the issue, every issue. If you are listening, you can't not understand if you have ears to hear. You know when he's talking to you, directly to you. When Jesus talks to me, it's always on a heart level. He doesn't bother with small talk, chit chat, or the weather. He pretty much always means exactly what he means too. Like for instance when he tells us what the greatest commandments are.

Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind, all of your body, all of your strength. Love people like you love yourself.

He tells us that if we do these actions, then we have fulfilled everything he came here for. He came to fulfill all of the laws and everything the prophets preached, prophesied and stood for.

Love your neighbor as yourself and thus fulfill the law of Christ.

My experience has been less than this ideal.

I wonder, have we mistaken our role and responsibility as Christ's followers? Love God, love people, shine as lights in a dark world, forgive, give, love keeps no record of wrongs, if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn and let him/her slap you on the other, do not retaliate, revenge and judgement belong to God. God alone will be the judge, it is to our own master each one of us will stand or fall, to God alone. Accept each other. As far as it is possible with you, live at peace with all men. Jesus said he didn't come to judge the world, but to save it. Jesus entrusted himself to the one who judges righteously. Jesus, even Jesus. One day there will be a reckoning for each one of us. I am afraid we have misunderstood our role as Christ's followers. He alone will sit on the white throne on the day of judgement, and we, each one of us, is going to give an account for the life we lived, not for the life of anyone else. 

Jesus said that the world will know we are his followers by our love for another. By our love. Not by anything else. How do we even know what love is? Except that we love because he first loved us. He laid down his life for us, when we were in the depths of sin. Many of us steeped and fully embracing the philosophy of the world. Living in darkness, he brought us light and life and love. He did this not because we deserved it, but as an act of love. Love is not butterflies in our stomach, love is not the pounding of our hearts. Love is something we do. It is a verb, an action. we do love, not feel it.

Jesus says we need to take the log out of our eyes if we want to see clearly to help someone with a speck in theirs. He says that we are going to be judged by our very own standard of judgement. This is truly the fulfillment of loving your neighbor as yourself, isn't it? How would you respond or like to be treated when you come up short, when you make bad choices and wrong decisions? This is how we need to LOVE others.

Mercy triumps over judgement. Always.

The critical attitudes of Christians are crippling the body of Christ.

And that's my rant for this week. Take from it what applies to your life and do as you will, hopefully increasing your love and decreasing your criticism. That's my plan anyway.



p.s. I'm sharing today with Emily at Imperfect Prose. I highly recomend you take a minute to visit her blog. Today's post was a beautiful encouragement for mothers.


Unknown said…
Love this post, this has been my biggest concern with every sect of Christianity and religions in general. Loving our neighbors as Jesus loves us with no judgement is imperative to allowing others to seek their own forgiveness, demonstrate their vulnerabilities, and be able to love themselves and others. So much violence, harsh words, closed personalities comes from deep rooted pain and insecurities that will not heal unless there is a safe, loving environment that allows that love to foster... Anyways, while I fail everyday, I feel that acceptance and love should be at the forefront of conversations in Christianity.
Renee Pierce said…
Very well said Tiff.
Lisa said…
I think this was Paul's frustration of being in the flesh when he talked about "the things I don't want to do I do, and the things I want to do, I don't." Anytime we try and do things FOR God, we end up being in the flesh and failing. I am finding, the ONLY time I do it right is when I don't TRY and do it right... and merely respond from a place of understanding how much He loves me.

We love Him because He first loved us... Somewhere along the line, I missed that part about understanding that He loved me first. I mistakenly thought that if I did it right, THEN He would be pleased with me, love me and accept me. I didn't understand that He ALREADY loved me.. I mean, I knew He liked me, but couldn't count all the times I felt judged and condemned because I had fallen short. So therefore, since He's God and knows everything about me, He must feel the same way when I blow it. I have learned that judgement and condemnation NEVER came from God, but from myself and the enemy! Remember the woman caught in the act of adultery? Jesus told her He DID NOT condemn her.. and she didn't even ask for forgiveness! AMAZING!!

I'm coming to understand, my judgement day will be AMAZING... not because I'm anything special or have done anything well...the Word says "My righteousness is as filthy rags" (translated as menstrual cloth! ICK)... it will be amazing, because it's already a finished work. Jesus stood in my place and my judgement was placed on Him! Done, paid for... FOREVER!! Hallelujah!! He was the perfect redemption for everyone of us!!

SOOOO... when I really get it deep into my heart... how MUCH God loves me and meditate on that and chew on that and thank Him for all the wonderful ways He shows His love for me... I can't help but love my neighbor as myself because He died for them and loves them every bit as much as He loves me.
Renee Pierce said…
Nice Lisa.

There will not be day of judgement for us as far as Heaven or Hell, that is a fact. We make that decision now, while we are living on this earth.

But there will be a day of reckoning with our Creator.

We are accountable to him for the lives we live, what we do with the gifts he's given us, the choices we make and for the love we do or don't do. The thoughts and intentions of our hearts, as well as the motives of our actions will all be before him. I don't think Jesus was telling a cute story about the sheep and the goats, nor do I think he was kidding when he said that some of us he will not recognize on the last day. But, I repeat one more time, we are only accountable for our own actions, no one else. It is not for us to judge, that is God's work, he is the judge. We are commanded to love.Thus we should be just like Jesus, busy about our Father's business while we have the opportunity.

I love you sis!


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