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All we need is love.....


This is what I'm thinking. This is what I see. This is what I have done, many times, too many times, hopefully no more times, ever.

Jesus speaks plainly. He is very direct and straight to the heart of the issue, every issue. If you are listening, you can't not understand if you have ears to hear. You know when he's talking to you, directly to you. When Jesus talks to me, it's always on a heart level. He doesn't bother with small talk, chit chat, or the weather. He pretty much always means exactly what he means too. Like for instance when he tells us what the greatest commandments are.

Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind, all of your body, all of your strength. Love people like you love yourself.

He tells us that if we do these actions, then we have fulfilled everything he came here for. He came to fulfill all of the laws and everything the prophets preached, prophesied and stood for.

Love your neighbor as yourse…

Disentangled - No Strings Attached

April 4, 2014
Journal devotional

A few thoughts this morning:

I need to separate myself emotionally from taking on or carrying other people's emotions. Understanding who I am and being gently strong and true to that person. It is Christ in me that is the hope of glory. Finding him in the center of my being, and trusting him. Relying on him alone, not upon the emotions and reactions of those around me, to validate who I am. Especially those closest to me, like my husband. I need to learn to let people express themselves without forcing my opinion and expectations into the equation.

Truly accept people for who they are. No strings attached.

Isn't this what makes Jesus stand out above any religious system or organization? Think about the many times we read about him in the Gospels. I'm reading through the book of Matthew this week. Jesus has once again shocked me with the truth. He’s showing me that my ideas are slightly twisted and therefore completely wrong. Christianity, …