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Doing is Becoming.........

Here is an update on my journey with the word 'DO'.

The gospel in its essence is about doing.

You can read here how I started this year out with these words from Micah strapped to my chest, looking for opportunities to do them. Anxious to get involved, to find the work the Lord had for me to do.

I am amazed as I sit here to write this. This doing is not at all like I expected. This doing has become less and less about what I can or should do.

I also committed myself to getting to know Jesus better this year, through prayerfully reading and contemplating Jesus' life and words in the Gospels. As I pour over the Gospels, searching for Jesus through his words, I am beginning to realize that I am not the doer, but the recipient of the doing. Jesus is working himself into me and I am changing. It is gradual but it is real. This is grace.

The Gospel is about what Jesus did, what Jesus is doing and what Jesus is going to do.

He is mercifully exposing my judgemental heart.I am real…