And Always be Thankful.........

I'm still at it. Here are some recent excerpts from my Journal of Thanks:

237. Ocean waves...........ahhh......
238. Seagulls filling the sky white against blue.
239. Flowers and grass and sunshine, birds and bees and kiddie pools glistening in the sun.
240. Sun-tanned boys, sleeping.
241. Blueberries, huckleberries and bunchberries.
242. Sunny days upon sunny days.
243. Ferry boats on blue sky days.
244. Vacation Bible School for the kids and for the (mom). wow!
245. Kittens!
246. Cotton candy for the first time and sticky fingers sharing.
247. Family, Mama, Papa, brothers and sisters, and being in the center of them all.
248. Discovery of a nest of baby birds hidden in the berry bushes.
246. Thank you for a 'real' summer.

247. Life

Thank you.....

With Love,


p.s For those of you wondering what a 'real' summer is, it is a summer with sunshine and warm weather. I live in a rainforest in a cool climate. We often see very cool wet rainy summers with hardly a peak at the sun.

p.s.s. I am sharing this today with Ann and a few other sweet ladies at  A Holy Experience.


Kelly Hallahan said…
ocean waves! love it! we're heading to the shore tomorrow for an impromptu vacation with friends who had a spare room! Talk about gift! blessings
Aritha said…
My son Ralph (9) and I love your photos! Beautiful. Sweet 'poesjes' ( Dutch for cats )

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