It's Five Minute Friday time! This weeks word is beautiful. You can learn all about this FMF thing over here. Join us if you'd like, it's fun and comfortable and everyone is accepted. It's a place to just be, no over-thinking and trying to impress, just be and just write for five minutes. It's nice. It's beautiful.


Beautiful is a relative word. Beauty can be found in so many places. You can discover beauty in the ugliest places. Actually beauty is in the hard real true and ugly. I find the most beauty in honesty. When a person is willing to be real, to be honest and be human it brings out the most beauty I have ever seen. Relationships are beautiful. Trust, give, take, letting go of the walls and the trying to impress, and just being. Family is beautiful because it starts here. Family is. Is beautiful . Is... is beautiful. To be, is beautiful. Sincerity is beautiful. Love without hypocrisy is beautiful. Beauty comes from within as does the gross ugly. Beauty shines out from within. Surrender is beautiful. Letting go is beautiful. Motherhood is beautiful. Birth and new babies and hope. And hope is beautiful.

Family is beautiful because family is just being who we are.




Lisa said…
That is so true about family! I was just think about my sister the other day and how blessed I am to have her...the one person in the whole world that I can be TOTALLY transparent and real is a wonderful and BEAUTIFUL thing (:

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