Thank You!!

Here is a recent excerpt from my Journal of Thanks, with added pictures:

118. Thank you for song birds singing their morning praises to You.

119. Thank you for early morning snuggles with the sun-brown three year old boy spilling over my lap.

120. Thank you for his sun bleached hair standing on end, framing his adorable face.

121. Thank you for this moment to quietly contemplate this new day coming fast upon us.

122. Thank you for creating coffee.

123. Thank you for motherhood.

124. Thank you for summer and long Sunday afternoons playing on the beach, just for a moment, to put aside all thoughts of all that needs to be done.

125. Thank you Lord for blessing our family business. Your blessings feel like more than we can handle. Help me to trust you.

126. Thank you for very dear friends intent on ministering to us beyond any way that we could possibly ever repay them.

127. Thank you Lord for the sunshine!

These past few days our little island community has been blanketed in warm summer sun. Living in this cool temperate rain forest, we are accustomed to living weeks on end without ever seeing the sun. Weeks without seeing the brilliant blue sky. I ask myself often, "Why do I live here?" Yet, here it is that I live.

Does 'In everything give thanks' mean being content in all circumstances?




Aritha said…
Thank you for this beautiful photo blog. I think it is a very special island where you live. Here, we all long for sunny days. There was even this week night frost in one of our provinces. As we desire to the sun, so we would have to desire to Jesus.

Sweet photo, the one with the child on your lap. So I would sit hours :)

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