Happy Friday! Five minutes to write about one word. Today's word is really two made one, in between. We are writing at Lisa-Jo's place about the new two word one word, Inbetween. Join us, or visit us to read more!


Inbetween is like a gray area. Living in the inbetween vs. totally embracing the life we are living. So much time is wasted inbetween. Longing for things we don't have or places we are not.

Motherhood can be spent inbetween. Or we can fully embrace our time as mamas. In my experience, the best times of motherhood have been when I fully live in the moment with my children. Instead though, I often find myself hanging out in this gray inbetween area, where I am a mom by title and a mom by duty, but all of me is not really present.

When you are living in the inbetween and you do not fully embrace anything, whether it be motherhood, Christianity, morals, ethics, standards, etc. When we choose not to live fully convinced in our own mind, but live in this mucky inbetween, it may feel safe, but in truth we are in a perilous place. Inbetween Christianity is lukewarm Christianity, and Jesus says that our lukewarmness makes him sick, so sick that he is going to vomit us out of his body. That is a bad place to be. 

We need to stand up and stop being intimidated by the loud voices out there. Those in opposition to God are powerless. We on the other hand are the holders of limitless power. We are protected by the the one who says, 

Form eternity to eternity I am God.
No one can snatch anyone out of my hand.
No one can undo what I have done.
Isaiah 43:13

A bit of rambling today as I just let my thoughts carry me for five minutes. Sometimes it feels good to just write out what fills our heart. I encourage you to try it. Get a journal and write. 

Much love,


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Lauren said…
Love your pictures. Very true words. Visiting from the linkup, and I enjoyed. Keep living in the moment =)
Aritha said…
Beautiful pictures en true words. Thanks.
Aritha said…
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Aritha said…
I often feel very unhappy in the gray inbetween area. I do not enjoy the full joy of motherhood. And when I am lukewarm in my love for God is that often because I do not take time for quiet time. But He wants ring bme out of that gray area with his Holy Spirit and His Word and so I again feel liveliness and makes new choices :-) Let us stand up, yes.

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