Sitka Spruce tips. A sign of spring in Alaska.

Good Friday to you! Lisa-Jo Baker hosts a thing called FiveMinuteFridays. Every Friday she gives us a word and a bunch of us blogging ladies write for five minutes whatever comes to mind. We then publish what we write without much editing.  Then we read what each other wrote. It is a fun community to be a part of. This week the word is 'fall'.

Five minutes



It happened at the fall. They call it the fall because we were once standing I suppose. And it happens still today. This falling. I am thinking of a verse that says 'take heed lest you fall or if you think you are standing strong be careful not to fall.' So even today we are a tumbling generation. Pride goes before the fall. Pride was in the garden and pride is in my heart. How many times I cannot count has that pride arisen in me, only to bring me down. Falling. I am well acquainted with the fall and falling and pride and the curse. Mankind, womankind, we are cursed with the fall. O Lord Jesus, catch me when I fall.


Hmmm.... I seem to be a bit poetic this week?

Love to you all,



It's was lovely. God's power in Christ tends to make someone write as well as you have :) My, post is at http://leahjlynn.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/fall/ all my writing things are there. :)
Elizabeth said…
Your post really made me stop and think how the word fall is a thread running through all of scripture.
I'll have to spend some time thinking about that, and perhaps writing about it too.
Thank you for such inspiring thoughts.
BTW, I never knew Alaska had a rainforest. How fascinating.

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