Stepping In The Jordan

* I am working on my editing skills this week. I originally wrote this in May 2012. It was about twice as long! I am still learning so much. The passion has only grown deeper as I follow Jesus down this path of faith.
** For those of you not familiar with the story of the Jordan River, The Israelites had to pass through the Jordan River in order to gain the promised land that God had for them. This is a type of the believer entering into the promises of God obtained by faith. The Jordan River parted and God made a way for His people to cross on dry ground, but only after they took the first step. You can read about it in Joshua chapter 3.

Are you sure God? Am I really hearing You? But..... there are sooooooo many people already out there doing what I think I hear You calling me to. Am I really hearing You?

My eyes have been opened to the immensity of the blogging world this week. The many women already doing this very thing. Am I not just another voice in a sea of many? I feel very insignificant today. Very inadequate for this task.

God has given us this task, of reconciling people to Him. 1Corinthians 5:18

Yet, here I am, sitting at my computer, asking questions, searching for answers, pondering Truth, musing about life, reflecting, praying and typing......I love this place.

For the love of Christ controls us. 1Corinthians 5:14

I am on a grace walk, a faith journey. Today, I am feeling very small and insecure. Faith is not something we see and I am learning to trust. I must say that I feel much safer when I am less vulnerable.

God whispers to me, "Trust Me......"

For we live by believing, not by seeing. 1Corinthians 5:7

I feel fragile, weak, scared, insecure, naked.....................

I am stepping in the wild rushing Jordan River.

God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self discipline.
2Timothy 1:7

My Grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness. 
2Corinthians 12:9

So here goes! I'm just gonna go with it! I guess this is part of finding my everything in Him. Realizing that ALL of my security is in the power of Jesus Christ.

This is walking by faith.

Do you have the gift of speaking? Then speak as though God himself were speaking through you. Do you have the gift of helping others? Do it with all of the strength and energy that God supplies. Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ. 1Peter 4:11

I pray that God, the source of hope,
will fill you completely with joy and peace
because you trust Him.
Then you will overflow
with confident hope
through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13


P.S. I am linking this post with Barbie and other sisters today at 'My Freshly Brewed Life'.


BARBIE said…
Renee, I hear you loud and clear my new friend. I've been blogging for five years and still feel small and insignificant at times. Take His hand and allow Him to lead you on this journey. He is faithful!

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