Happy Friday All! Today I am participating in Lisa-Jo Bakers Five Minute Friday Party. You can learn about it here, and you are welcome to join in the fun!
Lisa-Jo gives us a word to write about and we set a timer and write for five minutes, whatever comes to mind. Its fun! Today's word is 'Ordinary'.


Is any one really ordinary? 

I love people and the closer I get to people the more I appreciate how absolutely un-ordinary each one of us is. People are just so awesome and unique! 

What is ordinary anyway? And who determines the standard for ordinary?  

I have always had this little rebellious streak in me. And I guess as I sit here and ponder the word ordinary it is this very word that I am am rebelling against. I don't want to be put into a mold and squished and pushed and bent and cut and chopped up to fit into ordinary. 

And this is probably what scares me the most about all of you people reading and writing about faith and God and Jesus and love. I am wondering if I will ever fit into your 'ordinary.' I am afraid that I won't fit and I really don't want to fit either. 

So who is ordinary anyway? What an absurd word the more I think about it!

Grace and peace,


jade said…
I am visiting from five minute Friday! I love your post. Ordinary is not something I want to fit into either.
Elizabeth said…
Visiting from FMF! How wonderful that in God's eyes, each of us is extraordinary!
So - my new prayer partner - via (in)design... I saw your post on fb linking to here and got so excited! I play along with FMFs too and amazingly enough - my take on "Ordinary" was much the same! In fact, I wrote that ordinary is a lie and I refuse to believe in it! Hmmm... Loved this!
BARBIE said…
Visiting from the 5 Minute Friday (although I didn't play today). Loved your write on "ordinary". Thanks for the reminder that we are all unique and far from ordinary.

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