One Very Important Fact

A few thoughts as I am reading through Matthew:

To live the forgiven life, we must first forgive, there is no way around that one very important fact.

In Matthew 18 Jesus talks about reconciliation and I am stunned as I realize the gravity of His words. He talks about going to a brother or sister that is living or practicing sin and trying to bring them back into the light. Trying hard. He says that after we have sincerely tried to restore fellowship, if our brother or sister is unwilling to listen, then we should treat them as a crooked tax collector, or as a pagan. 

How does that sit with you?

Looking honestly into Scripture and allowing The Holy Spirit to speak to my heart and examine all of my thoughts and motives is much different than a casual reading.

And I see something I have never seen before......

Who was Matthew, but a crooked tax collector...........

Who was I before Jesus saved my sin sick soul?

a pagan.........

And how did Jesus treat me? How did Matthew end up writing this very Gospel that is impacting me so hard?

My heart is smitten and I realize how un-like Jesus I really am.

It seems to me that God has not given us the command to judge our brothers and sisters so much as to love them. Accept them and endeavor to live in harmony and unity and peace. If we strive for this He promises to hold us all together with the perfect bond of unity, Love.


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