Heaven on Earth

Greetings my friends,

It's Friday already! Lisa-Jo's word this week is 'home'. Five minutes to write about the word home. Join us! It's fun!

I am not surprised at the road my mind went down this morning. I'm reading "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn and "The Judgement Seat of Christ" by Rick Howard. They are complimenting each other in profound ways in my heart and especially in my thoughts as I have been pondering some pretty serious things. You will maybe see some of these thoughts reflected in my writing in the days to come.

Ok, Five minutes:


Coming in over the snowy white mountain tops amid a sea of blue and green, dropping down into this rain forest, onto a barely long enough strip of land. Surrounded on all sides by the frigid blue gray of the Pacific ocean. This - these island mountains, this deep blue water, these trees year round green, this has been my home for many years now.

The trek from 'the lower 48' to where I live is long and sometimes arduos. Time change, jet lag and unpredictable weather defining the final approach. Coming home we often feel like we live on the very edge of the world.

Alaska - an island in Alaska! On a sunny day I can almost feel heaven, right here. So overwhelmed by the immense beauty of this place, a feast before my eyes and I can't begin to take it all in. The smell of the salty ocean, the sound of eagles trilling out praise to their Creator. The feel of the sun, so rare on my eyes, as I close them with my face lifted upward and feel the solid rock under my feet. I can imagine that my eternal home is much like Sitka on a sunny day.

Yet, so many days of living on this island in this temperate rain forest, those majestic mountains are hidden by a wall of thick gray clouds. I am tempted to forget the glorious splendor that lies beyond. Much like my life, the foggy haze that so often clouds the reality of my days, and the future that lies ahead. This is a true reminder that this is not my home. Beyond those clouds lives my Redeemer, and all the beauty of this earth is a mere shadow of things to come.

Oh happy day!



Monica said…
Your descriptions are exquisite! I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, but have yet to get to Alaska -- sounds like heaven on earth for sure! (visiting from Lisa-Jo)
Yes!!! "Beyond those clouds lives my Redeemer" - is this not so true at all times? Through any 'clouds' that roll in... Love this!
Jerralea said…
"all the beauty of this earth is a mere shadow of things to come." I believe this! The most beautiful parts of earth will be like nothing over there ...

I enjoyed your post and your pictures of Sitka very much. It just so happens that a dear friend of mine has moved to Sitka this very week. She will be working at your hospital for 3 months. I'm so excited that she will be surrounded with such beauty!

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