Faith Walking

I went for a walk early this morning. The tide was out, and the smell of the ocean was exquisite! The staccato melody of the eagles filled my ears, and my eyes feasted on every shade of green imaginable. Trevor Morgan sings a song that talks about spring chasing winter away. Winter is finally on the run!

I have been practicing the spiritual discipline of fasting this week. 

Following are a few of the blessings I have experienced so far in this part of my journey.

1. Fasting is like cleaning house:

As I was cleaning the toilet in the upstairs bathroom this afternoon, it occurred to me that fasting is a lot like cleaning house. It's like cleaning yourself, your temple, in a spiritual way. When we are fasting we are keenly aware of our flesh. God picked an effectual object lesson for me today. A toilet! But think about it, isn't that just the place for the flesh. The flesh is repulsive and it stinks. 

2. Fasting helps us to see the darkness still resident in our heart. It is quite evident to me that I am not perfect yet! (smile) 

3. While fasting we experience a sense of well being and peace. 

4. Fasting silences the noise of the world.

The Holy Spirit is quiet, and fasting silences a lot of the noises that block us from hearing His Still Small Voice. When I am fasting I hear God. Not that I actually hear an audible voice, I just see spiritual object lessons all around me. They are always there, but I believe fasting helps us to tune in.

5. Fasting helps us to know and see Jesus more clearly.

I have an insatiable desire to know Jesus. To feel Him breathing in me. To understand the verse "Christ in me, the hope of glory." Knowing Jesus makes all of our righteous acts look very insignificant, and just ridiculous really. Which brings me to my last point,

6. Fasting helps us to weed through religion to find Jesus.

It isn't easy, but God says that "those who diligently seek me, will find Me."

I am finding.

Early morning view from my walk. 

Grace and peace



Aritha said…
It's a very special blog. I understand that you are fasting, or my translation is wrong? Beautiful photos. It seemed like I just walked with you ...

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