True Love = True Justice

So, I am doing all of this thinking and looking and longing to be like Jesus, and it occurs to me this morning, something Jesus said, "You simply will not believe unless you have a sign." or something similar to that. And I started thinking, maybe I'm getting a little off track here, like, what really is the purpose in all of this love your neighbor stuff anyway? 

If love stops at justice served than we are committing the ultimate injustice. 

People need more than justice, they need more than love and care and concern. You know where I am going here, don't you? Jesus always took care of the temporal needs, even though He is the one who first said, "The poor you will have with you always." Yes, we are commanded to love, to feed, to clothe, to visit, to pray, to accept, yes, yes, and yes. BUT if the means is the end, then we are wasting our time. Did you hear me say that? Its true, the poor we will have with us always.

This is what has my knees knocking, my tongue tied, my heart pumping hard and irregular, with sweaty clammy hands I reach forth and grasp the Truth, and it is scaring the hell out of me. 

And I need the hell scared out of me. Fear. Fear from the pit of hell is holding me back from the most important thing I could do with my life. I am afraid of people, of what they think, and what they might say. I am afraid to say it wrong, afraid that I don't know all of the answers, afraid that I am just going to plain make a fool of myself. 

"Hi, my name is Renee and umm well, here is a bag of groceries for your family. We had a little extra this week and, umm, well, umm, do you know Jesus? Well He gave me this idea to come over here and well, He loves you." I am really sweating here, eyes darting here and there, heart pumping,....... What is she going to say? What do I say next? This whole thing feels weird and......

I am way out of my comfort zone. 

And Jesus says, "Follow Me." He did this sort of thing all of the time. Ease the physical discomfort in order to reach the spiritual sickness, and that there my friend is true justice. Giving someone spiritual health, vitality way deep down where disease can't touch them and where poverty poses no threat.

I need courage. The truth? I have never, not one time, led someone to the Lord. When I was a brand new Christian I tried to convince my friends to take this journey with me and they weren't interested. I really didn't like the way their rejection made me feel and since the focus of the believers around me at that time wasn't on sharing our faith, I used that as an easy way to put out the fire burning in my heart. I just let that burning to tell someone slowly fade into an ash heap. Now, 20 years later, buried beneath those ashes is a sparking ember. 

I am realizing that I can't follow Jesus unless I am willing to 'make myself of no reputation' just like He did. My love isn't enough. I need the love of God burning through my veins in order to follow Jesus. His love goes beyond what we can see, feel, touch, hear and smell. It goes deep and makes its way into the soul of man. That is love and that is true justice. 

Sorting through Grace and Truth,


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Unknown said…
Amen! Thank you for sharing from your heart. It's such a blessing to read this. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and thank you so much for joining us at NOBH. God bless you!
Laura said…
This is so awesome!!! I agree with Lynda, such a blessing!!

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