It's time for 5 minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo's place! This weeks word is 'Dive'.
Here goes!

5 minutes





That's how my dive into 2013 has been.

I am so ready, so anxious to go and begin and do!


As I begin all I can hear is,

"Stop, sit down, and listen to Me. Stop and listen. Listen carefully to me."

"Yes, I have plans for you, but first, turn off the voices."

i.e. Twitter, Facebook, music, blogs and books.........................

"Too many voices are drowning out the One voice that you desperately need to hear in order for you to 'do' all that I have planned for you."

So........... as is so often the case between me and God, His ways are not my ways.

In mid-air of my dive into 2013 He has come underneath me and lifted me up into His everlasting arms.

I am now in a time of quiet contemplation, listening, straining my ears to hear Him.

To know Him leading me.


*You can read about my exciting anticipation of 2013 here.


Colorful Heart said…
blergh...can I not "like" what you wrote since it hit too close to home?? I'm trying, trying, trying to excel at "being" (my word for the year) and, yet again, God reminds me to quit trying and just be. This time, He used your words...
Melody said…
Love this. I am so right there. I so desperately want to know God's direction for our family, but it's so hard to hear through all the "noise". And it seems to take so much energy to take the initiative to silence them. Thank you for the reminder : )
Renee Pierce said…
Amen!It sounds to me like you are listening. God is sooo faithful. He has promised us many times in His Word that He will lead us. We just have to trust, listen and believe, right? I know, much easier to say than to do, but IT IS DO-ABLE! We can do this! Thank you for your encouraging comment.
Renee Pierce said…
Yay! It sounds like you are listening! If the words I wrote spoke to your heart and encouraged you then that means that we are both listening, because that is why I write. Blessed to meet you friend.

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