Thoughts on Advent: He Has Come!!!!!

Sometimes when we commit ourselves to doing the right thing, it takes a while to 'feel' it.
The Bible says commit your ways unto the Lord and He will bring it to pass. Sometimes
bringing it to pass takes awhile. This is part of faith. Trust. Believing in something we do not
feel or see, yet knowing in our heart of hearts that GOD IS FOR US. He is trustworthy.
His words are totally true. Totally. His grace is sufficient for all of our needs. Physical. Spiritual.
Emotional. ALL of our needs. His ways are not our ways. His timing is not ours. Yet He knows
what we need, even before we ask. Sometimes we don't understand why, and things don't turn
out like we planned, but still, His grace is there to see us through. We often have to bend, to change, to allow Him to fix our perception, but in coming to Him, we can rest assured, He is committed to us. TOTALLY.

I have experienced this commitment on God's part lately. God is interested in growing us up
into His likeness. The Bible sometimes calls this perfection. In this sense perfection is nothing short of completeness. Wholeness. God desires to complete in us all that is lacking.

Jesus Christ was born...... and lived....... and died........ and lives........ to make us whole.
For without God, without free access to Him, we are incomplete.
We are not complete and will never be whole apart from Him. All of us have gone astray, each to his own way. But Jesus Christ has come! To make a way, to show us the way, to lead us, to carry us when we can't walk on our own. His intentions for us are ONLY good.

We are loved in a way that we have never loved. In many ways incomprehensible yet true.

I'm thinking about Psalm 139

I'm thinking about Isaiah 53

I'm thinking about John 3:16

I'm thinking about God.

Jesus Christ.

Oh how He loves us!!



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