Its Friday again! Time to write for five minutes the words that flow from heart to mind to fingertips. No stopping and rethinking, just write it down. So Fun! You should join us! Lisa-Jo Baker hosts this fun exercise over at tales from a Gypsy Mama. Everyone is welcome!

Today's word is:


Five minutes


Quiet. Oh How I long for, yearn for, quiet. Quiet is a beautiful sound. But I can only handle so much before it is deafeningly loud. Living in a home school house with nine children, quiet is something we have to purpose to do. It doesn't just happen. Except when we are all sleeping. At which time I am also sleeping.  On the rare occasion that I find myself alone, in a quiet moment, I  feel wonderful for the first few minutes, and then, the quiet gets louder and louder until I am anxiously awaiting the return of the sound of stampeding feet and squabbling little people. Yelling at the top of your lungs youngsters, playing, laughing and just living life so fully that it is all I can do to listen. Life lived so full, so very right now, is very loud in my house.


I hope you have a great weekend! Remember to take time to thank God for everything you can think of! He is worthy!

Grace and peace,



Cole said…
My brood is much smaller- but you wouldn't know it for the "quiet" in our house as well. I'm impressed you are able to purpose quiet! I've yet to find a quiet way to instill quiet. Happy friday and very nice writing!
Jerralea said…
I bet quiet is rare with 9 around! It's funny, when my kids were little, I wanted a break so often. But then when I was away from my babies, I wanted to get home to them as soon as I could.

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