I am starting something new this week.  Lisa-Jo Baker hosts a fun writing exercise on Fridays called 'Five Minute Fridays'. She gives a topic and then you write, just write unedited uninhibited for five minutes. So this is what I wrote in five minutes on the topic 'welcome'.

Welcome -  five minutes


Welcome home is the first thought that comes to mind. Where is home? I have often heard that home is where the heart is. Where is my heart today? As a busy mama of nine growing, changing, demanding, interesting children, sometimes I have to ask myself, where is my heart today? We home school and all day, everyday I am absorbed in the mundane and the everyday. Sometimes my heart is to escape and find welcome somewhere else, outside of the many walls of my home. To find my heart, sometimes I have to leave the shell of my home and my heart. Take a walk, go window shopping, ride my bike instead of driving. Finding my heart is essential to keeping it at home. When the days press in one upon another, breathe.


I hope you have a great weekend!
Take time to stop and enjoy the moments that amount to today.




Anonymous said…
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