Walk Forgiven

I wrote this as a sequel to a blog post I wrote earlier this week, Bitter Sweet Elation. God is doing His amazing work in my heart. 

To walk forgiven we must forgive.

Forgiveness is essential to living free. Abundant life comes at a cost. The abundant overflowing life is not for those that hold grudges and make lists of wrongs committed against them. The abundant life only comes to the one who walks vulnerable. Like a child. You have to let go in order to receive. Empty handed. 

Lets face it, bad things happen. We live in a fallen world. An imperfect place populated with less than perfect people. People fail us and we fail others. There is only One who doesn't fail. Only One perfect. And He offers forgiveness. Freely. As far as the east is from the west does He remove our sins from us. He says that Love covers a multitude of sins. He tells us to forgive as we have been forgiven. While we were yet in our trespasses and sins. We were, we are, forgiven. It is the height of pride and arrogance to withhold forgiveness and call ourselves Christians. Come on....Get real......

Jesus tells a story about this guy that owed a lot of money. So much that he could never in his lifetime work enough to repay it. He was getting ready to lose his wife and children over it. And then something amazing happened. The man he owed all of this money to had a moment of compassion. Realizing the dire straights that this destitute man was in, he forgave him! Suddenly this guys whole life had changed. He was free! His wife and children were safe! Glory! You would think he would have been the happiest guy around. But that isn't how the story goes. He walked out of the courtroom and ran into a friend that owed him a few dollars. He jumped all over the guy! Threatening the guys life and all he held dear. Can you believe it? I am amazed every time I read that story. How could he be so cold and hard hearted? The story ends with his total demise because of the hardness of his unforgiving heart. He loses everything. You can read about it in Matthew chapter 18 verses 21-35. The last verse really packs a punch. 

And the Holy Spirit whispers to me............

Unless you forgive, your Heavenly Father will not, cannot, forgive you.

And it hurts.

Forgiveness can be a very painful process. We have to let go of our 'rightness' Even if we are right. It doesn't matter. Tell me, when was Jesus wrong? Was He wrong when He was betrayed with a kiss from one of His closest friends? What did he do wrong? Hanging on the cross, blood pouring down His beaten and abused body He breathes the words, "Father, forgive them......." Tell me? What did He do wrong? Why was He there? He was definitely right. He forgave.

Abundant life. I read something somewhere recently, I wish I could remember where and who wrote it, it wasn't me, but I have been musing over this statement for a couple of weeks now......"Silent prisons of hate"

Walk forgiven

Giving thanks always, for all things.
The pain is raw, the ache is real, 
yet You say, 
in everything give thanks.
You say, Forgive. 
Be thankful.
Complete surrender.
Except a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies,
it cannot bear fruit.
You prove to be My disciples,
 when you obey My commandments.
He who says he loves Me obeys Me.
My commandments are not grievous.
Love your enemies.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
If any of you wishes to be my disciple,
take up your cross,
Die, and take up your cross.
For your life is hidden with Christ in God.
Share in the sufferings of Christ.
Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.
Set ablaze by hell.
Blinded the eyes,
deceived the nations.
You must forgive as you have been forgiven.
Walk before Me, 
holy and blameless...
Turn the other cheek.
Oh Lord! 
Why is it so hard?!!!
Death to self.
I cannot forgive you ,
if you do not forgive.
Love covers a multitude of sins.
Share in My sufferings.

I know that bad bad things have happened to us. But we will either live in our silent prisons of hate or we will forgive and open the windows of heaven on our parched dry souls. Refreshing rain of the Holy Spirit, washed by the water of the Word. He offers so much.

It hurts and its hard. I know. I am going to do it any way. I have committed myself to this thing called Christianity. Likened to Jesus and His bride. For better or worse. In the good times and the bad. I stepped into that circle and I surrendered completely.  My whole heart. All of me. I am not turning back now.


So so hard. I am letting go. What choice is there, really? Silent prisons of hate? Abundant life? To give up all that I have experienced to nurse an ugly grudge. So what if I have been wronged, violated, disrespected, laughed at, hurt, so what? Did not my Savior experience the same? Did He forgive? Am I not called to follow in His steps? Are we not?

We can't blame everything on the Devil. It is our own choice that lands us in these silent prisons of hate. Choosing to live unforgiven. That is what we do when we take the bad things that have happened to us and allow them to imprison us. We hold the keys to open wide these bars of oppression. Jesus came to set the captives free. I am the captive when I hold these wrongs so tight. You are the captive when you refuse to offer forgiveness. And we will never experience the abundant life living in these prison walls.

To walk forgiven we must forgive

In His grace,



Richelle Wright said…
"The abundant life only comes to the one who walks vulnerable. Like a child. You have to let go in order to receive. Empty handed."

thanks for sharing such hard and convicting words today - may God grace us with the gentleness and humility to let go of our "rightness."

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