It's Friday. That means it's time for Lisa-Jo Baker's fun writing prompt! 'Five Minute Friday' She gives us one word and we write for five minutes on whatever comes to mind. Five fun minutes of writing.

Today's word is 'Look'

Five minutes


Look. What a perfect word for me today! The Lord has been asking me to take a 'look' at my focus during my morning quiet moment with Him.

Open my eyes and look at my life in an impartial way. Look through the lens of faith and love and forgiveness and hope.

What is God calling me to do for Him? How about you? Do you know?  For me It started with taking a look at who I am in Christ, who he has gifted me to be. What are your special gifts? How is God calling you to use them for His glory?

Encouragement is my primary gift . I Have strayed a bit from my path lately and God is faithfully calling me back to be an encourager in the Body of Christ. His faithfulness and patience and determination is amazing. God stays the course even when we don't, and He gently leads us back. I am so thankful to serve a God that is so patient with me. May I be patient today in all that I look to, all that I put my hand to. Patiently looking forward to His leading. Not getting ahead and then losing my way. As is so often the case with me.


I hope you have a great day today! Working out your faith as you 'look' to Jesus as the author of your faith, patiently working His good will and pleasure in you. He who has begun a good work in you will perfect it!

With Love,


LosingIt! said…
Beautiful. Continue in the realm of encouragement. There are so many out there that need it, and they are all around you. Stopping by from 5MF. Come by sometime: 100lbcountdown

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