Five Minute Fridays!

It's Friday! Lisa-Jo Baker hosts 'Five Minute Fridays' on her blog Tales From A Gypsy Mama. She gives us a word and we write about it for 5 minutes. It is a fun exercise! Here is todays word,



 My favorite song right now is called 'Run' by Josh Garrells. It is sort of like my theme song this year. It starts with these words,

" The times are changing I can feel it in my bones cause I stand on the other side of all that I have known."

That is my testimony this past year. Over the last few months my focus has changed and following that my life has changed dramatically.

In changing my focus God has begun to shape my life with purpose.

Tired and weary from living my 'Christian'  life, I gave God my heart, completely. All of my hopes, plans, dreams, expectations, fears, essentially all of me. I completely surrendered to the Lord.

Each day I wake up with purpose now. We are each created to run with a purpose.

"I feel the pleasure of my Lord when I'm in stride. For the glory of the Lord is a man who is completely alive."

Created to run this race with a purpose. Finding our spiritual gifts and our purpose and running the race to that end brings God glory.

"Strength like a lion burns like fire in my veins. I will run and I will not grow weary until I'm face to face."

Josh Garrels 'Run"


I hope you have a wonder-filled weekend! Take a walk, enjoy the beautiful season of fall before it is too late! Live each moment fully alive today. The moments are passing us by making into yesterdays. Grab them while you can. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Live today completely alive.



Brenda said…
What an encouraging piece. Thank you.
Angela Ambroise said…
Renee, I love this. You did this in 5 min.?
Renee Pierce said…
I did! At 6:00 this morning even!
Renee Pierce said…
Thank you! It was fun to write.
Karrilee Aggett said…
Nicely done!!! It's amazing how when given the chance, He can shift everything and give it purpose! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing!
Audra Silva said…
Loved this! It speaks to where I am. So good.

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