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Receiving A Gift

Believing is receiving?
God’s blessings, are hard to believe, I am never worthy of His gifts. Salvation. Never, ever will I be worthy to receive salvation. Love so amazing.  Agape. In humility I accept, I believe, I receive. A gift. Forever I live ........inYour debt. Forever I will thank You. Undeserving, unworthy, often ungrateful. You patiently lift me out of my failures, wash me off, and set me back on the Way of Life. Patient, gracious. Love is patient....Love is kind......God is Love........ Agape Looking through the eyes of grace.
Love dripping like dew on a single blade of grass in the early autumn stillness of the morning. Each blade.
Each human heart.
 Receiving is believing?
Really? What if the gift is so great it hurts to believe? Yet all the while all around the gift is given and I am receiving.
I choose to believe, I choose to fully receive…… THE GIFT IS SO GREAT…

I have recently had a prayer answered affirmatively that honestly, all those times I dropped to my knees, fu…