Radical? Really?

Where is Jesus in all of this 'ministry' stuff? Did Jesus seek to be known? What exactly did Jesus do?

He told the truth.
He didn't gather riches and stuff.
He prayed.
He healed.
He had compassion.
He confronted religion.
He told of something better than religion.
He offered hope to the ones feeling hopeless.
He was a servant.
He gave His life,
each day,
to telling people about God's love for them.
And a lot more.................

Radical Christianity?
To follow in our Saviour's footsteps we are branded radical, over the top, excessively religious, weird.

"Oh God! Shake me! Wake me up! The complacency of this world is threatening to suffocate me. Everywhere I look I see comfortable people, living safe lives.  I am trying to learn to follow You. I need You to light my path. I need You to give me the courage to take the next step out of my comfortable little life. I feel sort of stuck here. I've been here so long I don't know the way in or out. It is just 'normal'. God help me!  I have been sucked into the 'spirit of the age'. God lead me out!" 

Can you relate? If the above words describe your heart, today is a new day!
Draw a circle my friend. Draw a circle around yourself. I mean it. Literally take a piece of chalk and draw a circle on the floor and stand in it. Use a crayon or a marker! Make it a permanent reminder. Now, when you have finished drawing that circle, take a deep breath, step inside the line, and give everything in that circle to God. EVERYTHING. Hold nothing back. This is the first step out of your comfortable complacent lukewarm little life. (I know because I am just a few steps ahead of you.) If you do this in sincerity, you can expect huge things to start happening in your heart.

Lukewarm Christianity is a dangerous place to be. Read Revelation 3:14-22. I am reminded of a verse in Isaiah that says something about each of us doing what is right in our own eyes. The same verse says something about calling evil good and good evil. Read Isaiah 5:20-21. When we give ourselves totally to God, we begin to realize that only what He says is right is truly right. The rest we begin to see as lies, lies, lies. Lies that enslave us all the while promising us freedom. There is only one way to be truly free, and that is to know the Truth, and allow it to set us free. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. He is the ONLY way to real freedom. Really.

I am going to be praying for you. If you are tired and weary and fretful and anxious, this is the answer for you. God is waiting for your next move. Do it!

Let me know how your life is changing. I would be so very blessed to hear from you. Because the truth is, once you make a total complete absolute surrender and commitment to God, sometimes you can feel kind of lonely. Most of us are living outside of that circle. It is hard for someone on the outside to relate to your life changing joy and excitement. I can! And I would be glad for more 'insiders' to fellowship with!

This is only the first step. Finding our purpose in the Kingdom comes next. God has a perfect plan for each one of us. Discovering how God wants to use our lives for His Glory is amazing. Lets encourage each other and build each other up! 1Thessalonians 5:11

In  His grace and truth,



Anonymous said…
How fitting that you should write a post about being radical! I am almost finished with a book entitled Radical by David Platt. In it he describes Christ Biblically as you have here and talks about what we MUST do in rder to live a Christ-like life. I believe God is using this book to trasform my life.
Thank you for your prayers and a great post!

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