I would like to encourage you to live NOW.

I have almost forgotten what it is like to live NOW. I am a busy mother, surrounded by children, all of which are completely absorbed in the moment, the breath, the instant, NOW. Yet I have gotten so wrapped up in what comes next, always planning, always two steps ahead, that I have become callous and oblivious to the wonder and delight of enjoying life in each of the moments that are so quickly passing me by.

Running through my fingers like fine sand.

As a busy mother I am always moving to the next thing, even if just planning it in my head. I am having a personal experience today with the adage to 'stop and smell the roses'.

Here I am, at a favorite ocean side playground watching, with hungry eyes, the world as it unfolds before me. Determined to be HERE NOW. This is not so easy as one might suspect. I am finding it to be a challenge to not plan dinner, and who gets the first bath, and who's going to church tonight and ....... you see!

Take a deep breath.

I sit at this moss covered picnic table, pen and paper, listening, looking, smelling, touching, tasting. Acknowledging my 5 senses seems to help me to focus.
Smell the seaweed mingled in the salty air with the sweet damp earth.
The waves over and over relentlessly  tumbling to the shore, their intensity changing with the hum of the boats in the distance.

Babbling water meandering over rocks and beached logs, Granite Creek, on my left. On course to it's inevitable end, the ocean. No longer fresh and pure, but tainted with the salt of the sea.
Children are like that. Meandering through life, hardly a care as they reach their inevitable end, the sea of adulthood. No longer pure but tainted with the saltiness of life. But Jesus says, " Except you become as little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven" Little children, skipping along, living moment by moment, not worried about the salty sea at the end, not even thinking about it.

I am jolted from my sweet meditation by the sound of loud laughter, story telling, hooting, and hollering coming from my right. A very familiar sound of summer at the beach.

And then there is the sound that brings delight to my mama tired ears.
Peels of laughter, squeals and screams.
The voices of my own children exclaiming, catching their breath, running, rolling in the sand, splashing through the 50 degree water, laughing, screaming.

If I could only just get this and get it for good. Today is what matters. Being content in the moment. Making the most of our time here. Whether we like to admit it or not, our days are numbered. No man or woman knows the future. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Why do we get so tumbled up in the tomorrows? Like our anxious thoughts are really going to make a difference anyway.

We need to appreciate today. All of the beauty and joy in every crack and crevice. It is there, waiting to be discovered and embraced. A gift from our Creator. Always living two steps ahead is empty and is always going to be unfulfilling. Think about it.

Living in His abundant grace, today.

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