Spiritual Gifts

We are each created with a unique purpose in this life. You matter! I matter! Everything in your life up until this point has contributed to the unique contribution you can make in this world.

If you read 1Corinthians 12-14, Romans 12, Ephesians 4:1-16, and 1Peter 4:10-11 it is abundantly clear that God has given each of us a special job to do in the body of Christ, and spiritual gifts enable us to do it.

He gives us gifts the day we are born into the family of God. When we are born again, not of water, but of the Spirit of God, our heavenly Father showers us with grace. Spiritual Gifts are a part of that. If you are a born again child of God then you have been given at least one special gift. What I find to be the most unique thing about these gifts is what they are for. They are not for us! Well they are and they aren't. The benefit we receive from these gifts is only evident when we use them to the edification of others. God's grace is truly amazing. Not something I could ever dream up. The blessing comes when you see and feel and touch God as He is working through you to touch others. The more that you allow God to pour your gift out through your life the more of a blessing you receive. It is in our doing for others by His divine enabling that we are blessed.

My gifts and How I began to step out in Faith

I have two gifts that are nearly equal in their power in my life. Administration/Leadership, and Exhortation/Encouragement. When you begin to step out in your gifts you will immediately find two things are evident.

First, as you allow God to use you for the benefit of others with your unique gifts and in your unique way, you will sense a great amount of satisfaction and fulfillment.  When I give a word of encouragement to someone it just feels good to say it. Often my words of encouragement come through writing, and then it is so awesome to look at something I have written and wonder, where did that come from? The words just come up from within like an artisan well. They bring refreshment and life to those that God gives them to. It is like God giving a parched soul a drink from a cup of cold refreshing water. I am the cup. It is very awesome.
God also uses me in my local church. We have a time set aside at the beginning of our meeting for the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit. Sometimes during the praise and worship time God will lay something on my heart to speak. Quite often it is something that has nothing to do with anything I have been recently pondering. These have been some of the scariest times that I have stepped out in faith. My Pastor has been very encouraging in this. He encourages us to 'test our gifts'. Other times I might feel impressed to share from something I have been chewing on all week. Learning to hear God's voice and recognizing His promptings are ways that we grow in our gifts. At first it can be really intimidating. Walking by faith is like that. It is a lesson in learning to trust God. Remember, these gifts are not to bring glory to ourselves. God should always get all of the glory.

This leads me to the second thing that you will experience as you start to step out in faith to be used in your gifts. Confirmation.You will know it is a gift if people are touched by God through you. Listen for confirmation. Listening for confirmation can turn into a trap if you are not careful though. How? If you allow the praise of men to be your aim. I know, I stumbled there for a while. Remember, it is about ultimately bringing glory to God. But it is inevitable that people are going to notice when you do a certain thing, that you do it really well.

I hope this helps you. This blog has been one of my experiments to test the gift that I suspected I had. I have had confirmation many times over! But I will say, I have learned that it is work to step out in faith. It isn't like God just does it all. You will exert a lot of energy. And if you have a service oriented gift then you will work very hard. There is an awesome refreshment that comes from God when we exhaust ourselves for the building up of His kingdom though. It is very fulfilling and rewarding.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Seek Him my friend! Be rewarded!

Grace and peace,


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