My Flower Sanctuary

I have had a wonderful weekend planting flowers! I just have to share with you some of my discoveries! Life would not be the same without flowers, I am sure of that. So this is it, I have been really dragging my feet about doing any yard work this year. Our yard is in a state of turmoil right now. Nothing is permanent and everything is everywhere. Basically it is an absolute mess and there is nowhere to put anything and well, my husband is a carpenter, if that gives you any clue to the debris in our yard. A carpenter without a garage, a workshop, or any sort of outside storage at all. We are also in the process of a major remodel. So I had basically given up on my yard this year.

Well, my sweet daughter Mary just couldn't let that happen! She planted a few pansies in a hanging basket for me. Little did she know the effect they would have. Wow. The difference that a few little pansies make! I really think that God is so very awesome for creating flowers! A few little flowers amidst the chaos of my life have given me so much energy to 'make the best of it'.

 Brian has been out of town this weekend, so for a surprise, the children and I did our best to make organized piles around the yard, and I made a little 'flower sanctuary' on the porch. Just a beautiful place to be. I can't wait to meet God there, with my morning coffee,quietly sitting, listening to the birds, smelling the flowers, and wondering at God's amazing creativity. I am so thankful for my daughter's seemingly small act.

And this leads me to my first lesson from the Master this weekend. There have been a few of these sort of happenings in my life this week. He takes a little and turns it into a lot. Sound familiar? I'm thinking about when He fed 4,000 with a couple of small fish and a few loaves of bread, or the 5,000 with just as little. It is still happening today my friends! When we give what we can it is amazing what God can do. The thing is, if we think that what we have to give is insignificant or not enough and we do nothing, than nothing happens. I have experienced more than once this week God's miraculous way of multiplying. He is looking for people who will step out in faith and allow Him to bless and multiply their efforts! I am sure of this, just try. He uses those of us that can't really 'make' ourselves successful. Why? Who gets the glory when someone like myself writes a blog that blesses and encourages people? He does of course! I could never take credit for the way people have been blessed by my humble, unlearned  words. I am just willing to try, even at the expense of possibly making a fool of myself, to bring glory to God. And He is using me! I must say that it is really exciting! I want to encourage you to find a way to be used by God. There is possibly already an idea stirring in your heart. Trust it, go with it, follow God's leading. You won't regret it. And it sure makes life fun! There can't be a better job or Boss on the planet!

Here is a little photo journey of my 'organized chaos' :

And here is the building of my sanctuary:

To start with, I had to clean up a bit from last year.

The Flowers! 

I also learned a bit about outward circumstances not controlling my inward reality this week too. Another time, maybe.

With much love,



Unknown said…
I love you Mama!
Anonymous said…
How very beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!


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