Mary in A Martha World?

Okay, so maybe I have been a little hard on Martha lately. A little hard on myself?

This morning, the Lord brought me to a portion of scripture that tells another part of the story of Martha's life. Meditating on that, I went to a prayer meeting, and one of the people there made mention of living like Mary in a Martha world. And I began to see that I very much relate to Martha as I aspire to be like Mary. Whoever would have thought that I could get so much out of a glimpse into the lives of two people!

This morning in John11:20-40 I saw that Martha was a doer, Martha had faith, Martha knew Scripture, Martha was loyal, Martha believed, Martha doubted, Jesus affirmed His love for Martha, and Jesus blessed her by giving her back her brother.  It isn't a terrible sin to be like Martha. I think Martha represents more of the tendencies of human nature than does Mary. Most of us can relate to Martha, and long to be like Mary. Jesus definitely loved Martha very much and He definitely loves us too.

Hopefully this will be my last Martha/Mary lesson for a while. ( I am smiling here)

Thank you for letting me share my story with you. My hope, and prayer is that God uses it to encourage you in your walk with Jesus and possibly challenges you a bit too.

With much love in Christ,



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