A humble quiet heart filled with
Power from on high
dripping with the sweet fragrance of Christ
spilling over the brim
You are bigger that I can imagine
fear of the unknown threatens my control 
You are telling me,
Let go of preconceived ideas
read the Bible
See the supernatural
God's power and God's Spirit are not imprisoned in a box
God cannot be contained
fear of the unknown threatens my control
You say,
Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good
God's Word is dynamic
The church doesn't see God's Power because we have tried to contain Him
I have tried to contain Him, 
in my ideas
He is not containable
His ways are not my ways
He is beyond total comprehension
beyond my ideas
He will only do something big, 
amazing, miraculous, and supernatural 
through me through us
we believe....
If we let Him out of our ideas and trust Him
And allow Him to be......
He is bigger than I can imagine.
One thing I am sure of:
God's Will is His Word
God's Word is His Will, 
God's Word is His Way
Read it.
Be Amazed.


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