Pure Motives

A recent prayer of mine:

Oh God,
I just want to be useful to You.
To be used by You!
A common everyday vessel?
A vessel fit for honor?


"If you keep yourself pure
 you will be a special utensil for honorable use.
Your life will be clean
 and you will be ready for the Master to use you
 for every good work."   (2Timothy2:21)

It says in the Bible that God uses it (the Bible) to prepare and equip His people to do every good work.(2Timothy3:17)

God Blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God. (Matthew5:8)

Who may climb the mountain of the Lord?
Who may stand in His holy place?
ONLY those whose hands and hearts are pure.......
(Psalm 24:3-4)

And of course, as is God's way, I was tested yesterday to see just how serious I am about all of this pure motive useful to God stuff. Are they just some nice lofty holy sounding words? Or is it life and death? I Had the opportunity to sacrifice my liberty for sake of a sister and brother in the Lord yesterday.My husband actually made the decision. I struggled with it, even after I understood. God be praised that I am married to a man that can hear a word from the Lord and stand on it. I love my husband. The particular situation? Does it matter? Are we not called to be our brother's keeper? Aren't we supposed to love our neighbor as our self? Are we not called to forsake our liberty for the sake of our brothers and sisters?( Genesis, Matthew, Corinthians) My husband is a humble great man. I am blessed to follow him. I must say that it was hard. Hard to let go of what I wanted. It was really hard. I cried, I reasoned, I rebelled a bit in my heart. I did in the end make the right choice, but ...........

I awoke this morning to the presence of the Lord, and the question was posed to my heart
What were your motives? Were they pure? Ouch...It hurt all over again, for a much different reason this time. I realized that my hurt, my confusion, my anger, my reluctance, were all selfish. My motives were 'purely' based on me. ouch............

Teach me your ways, Oh Lord
that I may live according to your Truth!
Grant me purity of heart that I may honor You. (Psalm86:11)

This came once my heart was pure:

We cannot ever truly know or feel someone else's wounded heart.
We can try, we can empathize, we can sympathize, we can be compassionate, we can take pity,
But only God can know the essence of our broken wounded hearts.
We can encourage, we can instruct, we can soothe,
But only God can mend
Only God can heal.

Oh Brother, I see you now
a wounded soldier.
Your heart, you thought healed,
only a closed wound, scabbed over,
now open again.

Oh sister I hear you now.
When will this end?
Will I ever be free?
Will I ever be able to forgive?
Be forgiven?

It is not over
I see your pain
I feel your tears
You are Mine
I love you
Place your hand in Mine
We will walk through this together
Trust Me,
Let go,
It's okay, let go

The dawn is breaking
Your heart is mending
The Son of Righteousness is arising in your heart.
All of the hurt, all of the darkness, 
totally surrendered to the Light of my Son.

Let go,
hold on,
to Me.

The weight that pulls you down
let go, give it to Me.
Trust Me.
I am holding your fragile heart in My hands.
Go through this with Me.

I offer You complete healing
You must reach out to Me
and receive.

I am The Balm Of Gilead.
I love you
You are still very useful to Me
Trust Me.
You must let go
 to move forward.

And that is it. Lesson taught, lesson learned. Pure motives, pure heart. Jesus keep me pure, Jesus use me, I am yours.

Oh Lord I give My life to You (psalm25:1)

All Glory to God, in my life and yours,


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