The Straight and Narrow, The Path of Life, The path that leads to life. I am learning that it is not a bunch of rules on either side that keep you on the path. It is obedience, but not to a bunch of rules. It is God's still.... small..... voice. That first inkling that I might be veering slightly to the right or the left.

As I long to walk more intimately with Jesus, in grace and truth, I am finding new restrictions on the Narrow Way. It is working its way out in my heart. So this morning I woke with the words "I can feel your presence here with me" (from a song by Mercy Me called Here With Me). And then the words of another song came to my mind/heart, "does your worship have hands, does it have feet, or does it fade with our voices" (from a song called Fade With our Voices by Jason Gray). So this set the stage for God to show me that I have begun to back away from my husband. Again. The Holy Spirit showed me that I can't distance myself from my husband without distancing myself from Jesus, the One I so desperately want to walk close to. My worship to Jesus plays itself out in my relationship to my husband. Now I am not saying that my husband is God, or a god, but I am saying that the mystery of marriage is deep. Somehow my fulfillment of my marriage vows and my vocation from God as a helpmate, and my heart orientation are all in the mix of my worship of Jesus. Romans 12:1 states: Therefore, I urge you brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.
I think I am starting to get it.


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